Acquisition of ISO 9001 Certification

Our Saidaiji Plant has acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification for conformity to the international standard for quality management systems.
Certifying body: Perry Johnson Registrars,Inc.(PJR)

Japan Exlan Co., Ltd. Saidaiji Plant
― Timeline for ISO 9001 Certification ―

February 1997 Print materials business section undergoes LRQA screening and acquires ISO9002:1994 certification
September 1997 Start of ISO 9001 certification acquisition efforts in all sections of the Saidaiji Plant
February 2000 Acquisition of ISO 14001:1996 certification in all sections
February 2003 Acquisition of ISO9001:2000 certification
September 2009 Acquisition of ISO9001:2008 certification
November 2017 Transition to ISO9001:2015 certification
March 2020 Transfer of Certification to PJR