Japan Exlan Co.,ltd. (hereinafter, "Exlan") is highly conscious of the importance of personal information. To allow you to use the Exlan Web site with confidence, we have established the following policies to safeguard your personal information. It does not apply to domestic affiliated companies, overseas affiliated companies, and links from the Toyobo Web site. We ask that you contact the company in question concerning the policies of affiliated companies and links.

  1. What is personal information?
  2. Any information Exlan requests from Toyobo Web site users that could be used to identify individual users, including but not limited to address, name, age, telephone number, and e-mail address.

  3. Safeguarding personal information.
    • Exlan is responsible for the security of personal information under our protection of personal information.
    • To ensure the security of users' personal information, Exlan strives to prevent unauthorized access, leaks, or loss of personal information.
  4. Use of personal information.
  5. When we request personal information from users, we will clearly specify the use for which the information is requested, and the information will be used only as specified. Users always have the option of refraining from providing the personal information requested. However, this may limit our ability to provide services through the Exlan Web site.

  6. Disclosure to third parties.
  7. Except as stipulated below, Exlan will not release users' personal information to third parties.

    • With the explicit permission of the user.
    • When it is necessary to provide the information to a subsidiary or affiliate for the purpose of providing a service requested by the user.
    • When it is necessary to provide the information to a subcontractor or affiliate with whom Exlan has a confidentiality agreement, for the purpose of accomplishing the user's stated purpose.
    • When statistical data has been redacted to prevent identification of the user.
    • As required by law.
  8. Changes in registration information.
  9. Requests to change, confirm, correct, or delete the personal information voluntarily provided to Exlan will be honored only after Exlan has confirmed that the requestor is the party concerned or his authorized representative.

  10. Changes in our privacy policy.
  11. Exlan will review and amend the abovementioned policy on the handling of the personal information of customers in accordance with relevant legislative amendments.

  12. Miscellaneous
  13. Please refer to the following link for Toyobo Group’s policy for protection of personal information.