Polymer Sorbent

Desiccant materials “Polymer Sorbent”

We have desiccant rotors, desiccant blocks, granular moisture absorbing agent, moisture permeable sheet and etc. using new desiccant material “Polymer Sorbent” cooperatively developed by Okayama University and Japan Exlan Co., Ltd.

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What is “Polymer Sorbent” ?

It is an unprecedented moisture absorbing and desorbing material which consists of organic polymer. Its characteristic mechanism “sorption” provides extremely high performance of moisture absorption-desorption. It does not has deliquescence property and can be used repeatedly.

Model of Polymer Sorbent

Equilibrium Moisture Content at 20℃Optimum Regeneration Temp. Region
Polymer Sorbent Graph
  • It has high hygroscopic performance over a wide relative humidity range from low humidity to high humidity.
  • Its adsorption/desorption isotherm changes linearly over relative humidity.
  • Its hygroscopic capacity is two to three times as high as the capacity of silica gel. It has superior performance especially in high relative humidity range.
  • Compared with conventional hygroscopic materials, Polymer Sorbent is possible to regenerate at low temperature and it is possible to utilize low-temperature waste heat for regeneration source.
    1. Eks-rotor®・Eks-block®

    Polymer sorbent realizes energy saving, air conditioning, dehumidification / humidification, air quality improvement by making good use of excellent low temperature regeneration characteristics.

    1. HU granular moisture absorbing agent

    It is a granular polymer sorbent with particle size of several millimeters. It is possible to use it with simple equipment such as filling in a column

HU granular moisture absorbing agent
    1. Moisture permeable sheet , Total heat exchange element

    A moisture permeable sheet using Polymer Sorbent has high moisture permeability while suppressing the passage of air. Its excellent moisture permeability delivers the high performance for total enthalpy heat exchange system

Total heat exchange element
Heat exchanger coated Polymer Sorption
Heat exchanger coated Polymer Sorption