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Brands Characteristics Detail
gokui™ We have realized the creation of a super-fine, 0.5-dtex, acrylic material with a dream-like soft feeling. click here
【eks】™ 【eks】™ is a perfedtly NEW fiber based on a different design concept.【eks】™ generates heat.It absorbs water quickly and keeps you dry and comfortable. click here
MOISCARE™ “MOISCARE™” is an acrylate fiber has unique performance can generates heat when absorbing moisture. click here
SUPLI™ SUPLI™ adjust slightly acidic for healthy human skin. click here
BULKIENA™ 0.4-dtex micro shrinkable fiber, achieve an ultra soft touch. click here
AQUAMINO™ Putting amino acid into the fiber. click here
Ginsekai™ Ginsekai™ is a bacteria-eliminating fiber that incorporates silver ions in acrylic fiber. click here
PRELEAL™ PRELEAL™ is an extremely soft material with a very soft pleasant feel that is made from microfiber with a fineness of 1.0 dtex or less. click here
erena™ It prevents losing the original softness by home machine wash, Compare with other regular product. click here
CERAM A™ Far-infrared ray emitting fiber click here
Cal-airra™ Cal-airra™ is an optimal combination of an acrylic with modified cross-section and a micro bulky acrylic. click here
sapium™ Antibacterial deodorizing and high water-absorbing yarn. click here
DESMEL™ DESMEL™ is a novel acrylate-based fiber that eliminates ammonia odor. click here
MOIS FINE™ MOIS FINE™ is special acrylate fiber.The moisture absorbing performance is greater than 3 times that of wool and 5 times that of cotton. click here
ALGENBLOCK™ ALGENBLOCK™ is the high functional material can absorb and remove aller materials come from pollen, mite body and faces.,ets. click here
etiquette™ Sweat and body odor deodorizing material. click here
Heat Lore™ Moisture-Absorbing, Heat-Generating padding fiber click here

※These products are registered trademark of TOYOBO in Japan.