Flat ball shape particles "TAFTIC™A-20/AM"


  1. Unique shape
  2. Excellent adhesion and anti-scratching
  3. Non-glare matting
  4. Excellent stability against heat, organic solvents and chemicals
  5. Effective for rheology and paint viscosity controlling

General characteristic

Main ingredientPolyacrylonitrile
AppearanceLight yellow powder
av. Particle size24µm(A-20), 10µm(AM)
Specific gravity1.25 g/cm3
Weight loss start temp.about 250℃
Volatile loss≦4%
Solvents resistanceInsoluble in any organic solvent
WeatherabilityAvailable for outdoor use


  • Matting agent(for PCM coil coating and any paint, etc)
  • Anti-blocking agent
  • Slipperiness control agent
  • Others