Brands Characteristics Detail
LANSEAL™ "LANSEAL™" is the super absorbent acrylic fiber,which has the double layer structure with the outer layer of super absorbent polymer.It can further absorb about 150 times its own weight in water. PDF
MOISCARE™ "MOISCARE™" is an acrylate fiber has unique performance can generates heat when absorbing moisture. PDF
MOIS FINE™ "MOIS FINE™" is special acrylate fiber.The moisture absorbing performance is greater than 3 times that of wool and 5 times that of cotton. PDF
PURECELL™ "PURECELL™" is the disinfection fiber excellent in the disinfection power, the safety and durability which made the silver ion hold to acrylic fibers. PDF
ALGENBLOCK™ "ALGENBLOCK™" is the high functional material can absorb and remove aller materials come from pollen, mite body and faces.,ets. PDF
Viablock™ "Viablock™" is the high functional and antiviral material using an anionic functional group.It can absorb and inactivate harmful substances such as type A influenza virus .,etc. PDF
TECTUS™ "TECTUS™" is the high-strength super acrylic fiber developed for industrial materials.It has weatherability, heat resistance, and chemical resistance. PDF

※These products are registered trademark of TOYOBO in Japan.