Anti-allergen material ALGENBLOCK™

ALGENBLOCK™ is the high functional material which can absorb and remove allergic inducer come from pollen, mite dead body and faces.,etc.
It's available in two types : as fiber or micro-particles.


  • Absorbing and removing function : It can absorb and remove allergic inducer come from pollen, mite dead body and faces.,etc.
  • Deodrizing ability : It can deodrize ammonium gas.,etc.
  • Workability : It is available in two types(as fiber or micro-particles).So can customize products for any application by non-woven processing or coating.,etc.


  • Acute oral toxicity : LD50>2,000mg/kg(rat)
  • Mutagenicity : negative
  • Human skin patch test(Kawai method) : quasi-negative(2B)
  • Skin sensitization : negative
  • Skin irritation : negative


Various filters, Mask, Outer wears, Sanitary use.,etc.